SoftTime Online Available for Desktops

See the benefits of cloud-based attendance tracking solution! SoftTime Online is a feature-rich system that helps you easily track employee attendance and paid time off. It will quickly prove to be a valuable resource for your Human Resource Management needs.

With the cloud based version of our Human Resource software, you will no longer have to worry about your computer crashing! All data is hosted for you and information is backed up regularly!

Easy To Use

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • 100% web-based – access from anywhere
  • 100% maintenance free – no local installation
  • Track accruals for salaried & hourly employees with different vacation banks
  • Employee self-view mode

Generate Valuable Reports

  • Easily Generate a variety of reports
  • View reports online, print, or send as an email

Leave Requests Made Easy

  • Reduce time spent on leave management!
  • Accept/deny leave requests from your inbox.
  • Employee receives manager response via email
  • Conflict checking system

Automated Tracking – No More Complicated Calculations!

  • Automated employee accrual and allowance calculations
  • Track employee infractions or reward good behavior with the built-in point system
  • 27 built in reports and custom report writer


Grade A Comodo SSL Certification

  • No more worries of your computer crashing – we host everything
  • All information is backed up regularly
  • High-level security measures in place to protect your information
  • Controlled Access – You decide who has access and at what level
  • Support provided for all users

Save Money

  • Reduce payroll errors – You can easily export data to your accounting system to help reduce payroll errors
  • Reduces time spent on leave management
  • Minimize leave abuse and increase employee compliance to attendance rules


  • Multiple pricing options
  • Industry-specific solutions catered to help with your company’s HR needs.

SoftTime helps you identify seasonal trends, as well as habitual or chronic attendance patterns that cost your company time and money!

Save time, Save money and increase the return on your investment by using this solution along with one of our other feature-rich human resource software packages.