3 Tips for the Overworked HR Professional

3 Tips for the Overworked HR Professional
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By William D. Coleman

It’s easy to find yourself buried in paperwork and projects. Many human resources professionals find that their staff is lighter and their work load heavier making it easy to fall behind and feel overwhelmed with their job. If you are feelings stressed or overwhelmed at work, here are some ways to help yourself get ahead and feel less overwhelmed.

Prioritize your Workload

One of the best things you can do is prioritize your tasks and work. In human resources, you may find that you have work coming at you from every direction. Work the important projects and tasks first and use the time left to work on future deadlines. This can help every human resources professional stay on task and be more organized. Making sure you prioritize your work can really help you keep your stress level down and help you not feel so overwhelmed.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

One of the biggest time wasters in the workplace is distractions. If you find that you are continually distracted, one of the best things you can do to be more productive in human resources is to reduce your distractions so you can be more productive throughout the day. A good way to reduce distractions is to spend some time first thing each morning de-cluttering your desk, prioritizing your day, and determining your daily schedule. Once you have this clear, you can get started with your day. Scheduling specific times to check email take care of personal business, and take short breaks can make you more productive when you are working. If you are continually interrupted by others, have open and closed door times. Don’t have a door? You can always use a sign that states you are in a concentrated work time and ask those that stop by your desk to come back at a specific time.

Adjust your Hours

Sometimes, all you need to catch up on your workload and take away the stress of having too much on your plate is to adjust your hours and put in a few extra hours. Working late a few days or coming in a little early can give you some concentrated time to work on your backlog. Busy human resources professionals will have a backlog of work from time-to-time. Adding a few hours to your week can help take your daily pressure off and help you get caught up on your work in no time.

Though there are many ways to help you feel less overwhelmed in human resources, these tips can help you get any work backlog caught up and take the pressure off that comes with having too much work on your plate. Being overwhelmed can be stressful and therefore make you even more unproductive. Getting a handle on your workload can help every human resources professional be less stressed in the workplace and therefore more productive overall.

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