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Track employee attendance online quickly and easily.

SoftTime Online Attendance Software

SoftTime Online’s interface provides maximum information at a single glance. No training is required and employees have access to quick how-to videos if needed.

Being a cloud-based attendance software solution it is 100% maintenance free with NO installation required, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Gain insight into employee habits and trends so you can make sure your company’s productivity remains high.

A wide variety of data, including employee information such as wages, shifts and more will be available at your fingertips.

No more complicated excel spreadsheets or manual calculations!

Our attendance software will automatically calculate accruals,
carry over expirations and allowances.

By automating the process you also reduce the risk of human
error which can save you up to 9% per payroll!

Reduce the amount of leave time inquiries from employees as they can view their data online.

Employees get real time access to their absence records and banks – no more fielding questions throughout the day.

Take a tour of the easy to use SoftTime Online. This walk-through will introduce you to the easy to use interface. Claim your Free Trial
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Try before you buy

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Spend the next month getting to know the software and setting up accrual rules, departments and employees. When you are ready we will convert your trial to a full version and assist you with the completion of your setup.

Nothing to install or to download

As a cloud based software service, there is no setup or maintenance required on your part. Any and all routines tasks are handled by our Support team and covered by your $2 fee.

Easily upgrade from legacy SoftTime XP / SelectTime desktop versions

If you are a long time user of our software and you are still using SoftTIME or SelectTIME Attendance Software from the 90's, Good News! Your data is completely transferable to this evolved version.

SoftTime Online, cloud based attendance tracking

Track attendance, paid time off and leave requests with this feature-rich solution.

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Incredibly easy to use.

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • 100% web-based – access from anywhere
  • 100% maintenance free – no local installation
  • Track accruals for salaried & hourly employees with different vacation banks
  • Employee self-view mode

Generate valuable reports.

  • Easily Generate a variety of reports
  • View reports online, print, or send as an email

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Leave requests powered by employee.

  • Reduce time spent on leave management!
  • Accept/deny leave requests from your inbox.
  • Employee receives manager response via email
  • Conflict checking system

Automated attendance tracking.

  • Automated employee accrual and allowance calculations
  • Track employee infractions or reward good behavior with the built-in point system
  • 27 built in reports and custom report writer

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Completely secure

  • No more worries of your computer crashing – we host everything
  • All information is backed up regularly
  • High-level security measures in place to protect your information
  • Controlled Access – You decide who has access and at what level
  • Support provided for all users

Reduce costs and overhead.

  • Reduce payroll errors – You can easily export data to your accounting system to help reduce payroll errors
  • Reduces time spent on leave management
  • Minimize leave abuse and increase employee compliance to attendance rules

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