A Summary of Recent Studies on Monetary and Non-monetary Compensation

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Dr. Clennon Presson, Esq.             Within any business or corporation, hiring and retaining highly qualified employees is paramount to success. In today’s changing job market that has become more difficult than ever. One reason for such difficulty in this area may be that businesses do not currently understand how to effectively entice and manage their employees. Wages and benefits should be reviewed more carefully […]

Employee Retention: A Crash Course in Key Principals

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Jonathan Presson There are few things better in business than reliable employees, and very few worse than losing those employees. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 3.5 million U.S. employees voluntarily leave their jobs every month in 2019. To put that in perspective, that is nearly the entire population of Arkansas. While some of these voluntary resignations may be unavoidable, it is likely […]

How Workplace Socialization Benefits Your Company

Reading Time: 2 minutes How Workplace Socialization Benefits Your Company Humans are known to be social creatures, including the most introverted people. Everyone needs friends and social groups to avoid feeling lonely and isolated. Therefore, to ensure an overall sense of well-being, employees should interact in the workplace. Socialization impacts relations between human in day today businesses in several ways. It gives employees skills and the necessary customs to […]


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