Retaining Talent in 2022

Retaining Talent in 2022
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In 2021, American business owners experienced a level of turnover that many had never experienced before. The “Great Resignation” was the term given to the mass exodus of employees leaving their current positions. In fact, September of 2021 saw more than 4 million working Americans turn in their resignation to their employers.

With the new year upon us, businesses must prioritize the talent that they currently have. Retaining strategies that were created pre-pandemic are no longer as effective as they once were. Here are three concepts to understand before implementing a newly-constructed retaining strategy.

Understanding what employees want

Retaining employees is not always as simple as giving them a raise or a new title. Employees have changed their perception of work and what it means in their life. Employees want to feel valued. They want to develop as people and professionals.  

According to the Harvard Business Review, 41% of global workforce employees are considering resigning from their current roles. Of that number, 36% are resigning without another opportunity lined up. While this number is truly astonishing, it is proof that employees are searching for roles that best fit their needs.

Employees also want flexibility in the workplace. The pandemic showed us that more jobs can successfully function remotely than we ever thought possible. This has caused an increase in job ads offering candidates the ability to work from home – even from the other side of the country. If their current role cannot permanently be transitioned to a remote role, then employees know they can find remote opportunities elsewhere.

Avoiding burnout

The pandemic brought along trials that the workforce had not previously experienced. Employees who were moved to remote roles formed a vague line between work and home. Emails, calls, and texts roll in after hours, and employees feel obligated to answer them. Burnout has quickly worked its way into employees’ lives, with work seeming like there is no end in sight.

Encouraging employees to take a vacation is a great way for employers to reduce burnout amongst their workforce. When employees take time off of work, they are able to improve their focus, mental clarity, and productivity for when they return. A software like Breeze 360 allows employees to effortlessly submit leave requests. Managers can approve these requests through our automated leave approval process. This allows employees to take the time off that they deserve.

Creating an environment for growth

Employees who are working remotely want to grow, just as if they were working in the office. This makes it important for leadership to provide a positive growth environment. Leaders should continually present their employees with constructive feedback. Leaders demonstrate this growth mindset to managers who then demonstrate it to employees. When employees feel empowered by their managers and leadership, they are more likely to show their loyalty to their company. The new year is upon us, but many of the challenges presented by the pandemic have not gone anywhere. Through the pandemic, employers have been able to find new and creative strategies to engage their workforce. Now it is time to focus on retaining the talented employees that are already within the organization to combat the Great Resignation.


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