Time sheets and the high cost of human error

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In the workplace, keeping timesheets can be frustrating and time consuming on both sides of the table. On the employee side, calculating total hours can be a hindrance keeping them from their tasks and for those calculating payroll. Deciphering sloppy handwriting and pressuring employees to turn in cards can take more time than it should. Even if you are using manual punch cards, the average time spent on calculating hours can be around 7 minutes per card based on American Payroll Association (APA) studies. That is a conservative amount when you look at the overall time spent on the entire timekeeping process that includes:

Purchasing and stocking timecards. Preparing, distributing and collecting timecards or time sheets. Clerical calculation and verification of hours/days by each employee. Clerical breakdown of total hours into regular, overtime, differentials, accruals, etc. Manual entry of total hours Manual entry of corrections.

There is an easier, more cost effective way – automate your time keeping process! With automated time keeping solutions such as TimeKron, the entire process is simplified. Put new technology to work for you. Automated timekeeping eliminates the need for timecards, creating a paperless system so there is no need to order and distribute timecards or time sheets. In/Out “punches” are recorded automatically with the newest biometric or radio frequency identification (RFID), storing all information and completing calculations for you.

Not only does time-keeping software save you time it saves you money as well. Using time and attendance software also cuts out the chance for human error. According to APA studies, there is a 2% error rate when calculating hours. That may seem small, but when you look at the overall cost to the employer, it can add up fast. With affordable solutions such as TimeKron, companies can quickly see a return on their investment utilizing an automated timekeeping system.


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