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TimeKron Time Clock Software

Tracking employee time worked is so much easier with TimeKron.

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TimeKron is customizable to suit your needs.

Employees can clock in using a biometric device or a personal computer, even if they are on the road. You can mix and match various options to suit your environment, your data collection requirements, and employee types.

TimeKron does the complicated calculations so you do not have to.

Our time clock software automatically calculates employee’s time worked, even breaking time down by projects and jobs. All your employees have to do is clock in, clock out.
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Advanced reporting features.

Over 25 valuable reports including weekly timesheet status, excessive hours, lateness check, in/out history and more.

Who's in and who's out.

See instantly who made it into the office with the live in/out board.Ensure time and attendance policies are upheld.
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Biometric / proximity reader (optional).

  • Model US10C
  • No need to enter PINs
  • Rugged 20-key keypad with four programmable function keys
  • USB host port for easy data transfer to a USB flash drive
  • Relay contacts for access control/external bell function
  • Printer support
  • Optional WiFi
  • Audio and Visual feedback for accepted and rejected swipes

Biometric fingerprint reader (optional).

  • Model S900
  • Fast user authentication (so users are not lined up at the clock)
  • Project Punch Capable
  • User Defined Function Keys
  • Relay Contacts for bell systems or access control
  • Color Tft screen w/ GUI interface
  • Optional Internal WiFi
  • Works in real-time
  • Solid, heavy duty construction
  • High Performance Finger Print Sensor – resistant to scratches, Impact, Vibration, or Electrostatic Shock

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