Why HR Software needs a Human Touch

Why HR Software needs a Human Touch
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Modern life is rapidly evolving, becoming more and more digital with each passing day, but the human touch is a vitally essential aspect of business as well as life. Even though automated technology is rapidly developing, there is still a demand for more humans. Such technology has largely freed us from the simple and monotonous, but this ultimately should allow us to focus more on higher level tasks. Many employees criticize the advancement of automated technology, arguing that it is too simplistic and that tech focused policies actually rob businesses of the experience and common-sense that humans have to offer. Though technology can be both exciting and frightening, depending on your outlook, we should always remember that mankind offers three important and irreplaceable qualities: creativity, flexibility, and adaptability.

HR software, social media, and emails have become primary elements of the human resources field.  Therefore, we should be asking ourselves whether a human touch is finding its way out of  HR in general and if our digitized world is destroying face-to-face communication. Moreover, certain industries have seen a drastic reduction in human capital due to automation. Now, perhaps more than ever before, we should refocus on our key principles and remember why a human touch is so important. Remember, the “H” in “HR” stands for “human!”

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Humans are the intelligence behind the “intelligence”

Behind every great piece of technology is a man or woman who saw a need and creatively sought to fill it. Twenty years ago, it would not have been uncommon to hear experienced HR personnel complaining that monotonous tasks took up much of their time, leaving them insufficient time to focus on more important matters. Technology has largely changed this in our modern age.

However, though automated machine learning and AI help in HR processes, we seem to have less time than ever to focus on that all important “H.” It seems as if, HR has become less and less about strategy and is now focused more on data charts than driving individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Remember that, whether you are the HR manager, or the programmer behind such wonderful technology, it is still just a tool and it is up to you to utilize it properly.

HR should boost creativity within an organization

The theme of any successful HR team is the promotion of a strong company culture. Leading by example and encouraging employees to participate in the overarching goals of the company helps to build a strong company culture. Charts, diagrams, and other data-based output from HR software can be highly useful tools when inviting employees into a deeper understanding of the company goals, as well as aiding HR in locating problem areas within the company, but it is up to HR managers to interpret this material and present it well. You will find many companies failing to invite their employees into a broader understanding of their company and, therefore, forgetting their identity overtime. HR software can help you know what to do, but it can’t do it without a human interpreter. Incorporating and interpreting these tools into your HR strategy, and inviting employees into a deeper understanding of their role in the company and its culture, will often fuel and inspire human creativity rather than crushing it. As the HR manager, it then becomes your job to simply listen to your employees.

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An HR who listens makes a massive difference! It is also very important to ask for continuous feedback from them. Find out what the employees enjoy about the company culture and structure. Find out what is stifling for them. Find ways to allow employees to shift into more appropriate positions that not only play to their strengths, but also positions that foster a sense of ownership and pride. Listen to employee suggestions and implement the recommended changes when possible. We all know you can’t give everyone five days off every week, but giving flex-time and remote employment options to a mother of three will likely encourage her to work harder and stay with the company longer. Encouraging employees to take part in producing new ideas inspires a sense of ownership and helps them feel that HR and management in general is willing to listen. An environment in which employees feel they have a voice is an environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

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