7 Signs of an effective Human Resource Department

7 Signs of an effective Human Resource Department
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Author: Jessica Wade

The Human Resource Department is one of the most important departments of any organization, whether small, medium or large multinational companies. This is one department that inevitably struggles to handle the ebb and flow of employee growth and turnover within a company. In any organization, when business seems to be productive and the company is making progress, there will definitely be an increase in the demand for qualified candidates. However, in a situation when the economy falters and the business seems to be declining, then retaining even the most qualified employees can become critical. This typically leads to an increased scrutiny of performance appraisal methods. This is where a human resource departments can improve employee morale and the company’s bottom line, to ensure that the situation doesn’t get out of hand and the company is not affected in any way. This department can be highly effective, as the team of professionals involved works in the best interest of both the employee and the owner of business.

1. Sorting through record number of applicants
With the worldwide economic meltdown, employers have been faced with a deluge of job applicants and the vast majority of these applicants are not suited to those job positions. The Human Resource Department is effective to help screen all jobs applicants in away that won’t overwhelm the departments conducting interviews. A good HR department will help filter applicants in order to get the best candidate.

2. Cost Effectiveness
Human resource departments help to save cost in a variety of ways including writing job descriptions or training programs for the company. When an organization hires independent contracted HR companies to help them with their HR assignments, this can cost a great deal of money. By having an in-house HR department, those individuals will become more aware of your companies specific needs and address them accordingly.

3. Improves Company’s Corporate Image
If people work for an organization and they are well treated by the Human Resource Department, this can prompt employees to tell others about the company and the quality and professional advice of the HR departments. This can be an added advantage to help boost the image of a company.

4. Better condition of service
An HR department helps employees of an organization to help enjoy better condition of services, while on the job and even after retirement. An HR department can be effective in making sure that employee works under conducive environments and their welfare is well taking care of. This can greatly improve company moral, which in turn positively affects an employee’s productivity.

5. Conflict Resolution
The Human Resource Department is saddled with the responsibility to resolve conflicts amicably. They are specially trained to handle difficult situations at work, which will help to save the company lost productivity, hassles, time and money and has even proven to help reduce the risk of possible litigation.

6. Increase employee performance
An HR department helps to develop performance management and training programs for the employee which has proven to increase their commitment to the job, thereby improving their productivity.

7. Maintains Company Principles
The Human Resource Departments is highly effective in maintaining the principle and objective of the company. This department is more than just a shoulder to cry on, as they make sure all the employees are on the same page and following the same principle that the company want to portray, both to the public and within the company itself. By following a common stated principal, employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and their work. By working toward a common goal and image employees can be further encouraged to work as a team, strengthening their commitment to each other and to the company as a whole.


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