The Importance of a Flexible Employee Time Clock

The Importance of a Flexible Employee Time Clock
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When searching for a new time clock, it is important to understand the essentials that make up a great time tracking device. Reliability is the first box that you should be able to check when going through this process. Flexibility is another essential to look for in your new time clock. By implementing new technology in your workplace, you are trusting that it will deliver accurate data, on time, for your staff.

Time clocks have evolved from swiping a time card. Employers can now get creative with their time and attendance processes. As you search for a new time tracking device, it is important to find a time clock that best fills the need of your workplace. Here are five reasons to implement a flexible time clock into your workplace.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition provides staff with a quick and easy way to punch in. Biometric readers, like fingerprint scanners, can help eliminate buddy punching among your staff. Registering employee fingerprints is a simple process. Employees can choose which finger they would like to use to clock in. Then, their fingerprint is scanned two or three times to get an accurate reading. After their fingerprint is registered, the fingerprint recognition is ready to be utilized.

A flexible time clock allows you to have the option to choose which method works best for your staff. If you’re looking for a contactless punching option, time clocks can now fill that need.

Contactless punching

The pandemic changed our perspective on almost everything, including our day-to-day tasks. One of those tasks includes touching a common surface, like time clocks. Something that employees may not have given a second thought to prior to the pandemic has now become a topic of conversation. People are now aware of how quickly germs and illnesses can spread.

This is where contactless punching options can benefit your workforce. To reduce the amount of contact with common surfaces, certain time clocks offer the ability to clock in with facial recognition. Facial scans are also beneficial in areas that require employees to get their hands dirty or greasy.

Another touchless option that time clocks can offer is a badge reader. Employees can simply walk up to the time clock and use their badge to clock in via radio frequency ID (RFID).

Ensure accuracy

Time clocks that are equipped with biometric readers and RFID provide accurate, real-time captures of employee attendance data. Accurate time and attendance data are then transferred directly from your time clock to your time and attendance software. This eliminates the need to manually calculate your employees’ data, saving you time and money.

Increase efficiency

Manual time cards require employees to grab their card, scan it, and place it back where it belongs. While this may only take a few seconds each time, multiply that by the amount of employees at your company. Then, multiply it by the amount of days that they work. As you could imagine, that time would start to add up. Instead, flexible time clocks eliminate the need for employees to keep up with a time card.

Mobile access

We’ve talked about time clock hardware, but what about time clock software? Time and attendance software is another great way to track employee attendance. With time and attendance software, employees can clock in and out from an app on their phone. Perimeters can even be set around certain locations to specify where employees can clock in from.

Mobile time clock apps increase the flexibility of your time and attendance process. By implementing time clock flexibility, you eliminate the long lines of employees waiting to clock in and out. Not only do flexible time clocks improve employee experience, but they also allow you to spend more time on other important tasks throughout your day.


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