Did you know that SoftTime employee attendance tracking solutions will track points and occurrences as well as attendance? Tracking occurrences opens up a world of flexibility allowing an administrator to literally track anything at all. You can create an unlimited amount of occurrences and ultimately associate points with those occurrences.
For example:

  • Late without calling (5 pts.)
  • Late with notification (3pts.)
  • 90 Days Perfect Attendance (-5 pts.), and so on.

Now, when these occur, they can be tracked on the SoftTime monthly calendar, are subject to multiple reporting options, and points can be tallied to end with certain results.

  • A certain amount of points = verbal warning
  • Next amount of points = written warning U
  • Ultimately enough points would = grounds for termination

Points can also be set to ‘roll-off’ after any given amount of time. You can create occurrences for anything you like: chronic lateness, leaving early, flat tires, chewing gum, missing quota, hitting a certain production goal – just to name a few. Visit and click on Free Trial to find out how SoftTime currently helps over 50,000 companies control attendance more effectively. Or call 540-721-1000 today to ask questions, schedule a quick net-meeting, or to purchase this popular SoftTime solution today.

Administrators can now make changes to employees’ time off on a group level. The Group Data Entry tool is used in the same manner as the main monthly calendar screen, with the same level of ease and functionality. Group Data Entry allows an administrator to select any range or group of individuals and do the following:

  • Make a group adjustment to employees’ allowed time off
  • Give all the members in a group the same day off
  • Mark a group occurrence w/ points
  • Write a group note for referencing Group Data Entry will allow an administrator to;
    • Assign special holidays per a given work group or location, i.e. different provinces (Canada), multiple offices across the globe, or union holidays (U.S.), etc.
    • Plan/schedule group meetings, business trips, or training days for a select group of employees
    • Globally add a Snow Day for every employee with one click of the mouse
    • And more!

So if the Annual Employee Picnic gets cancelled due to rain, you can log in to SoftTIME, delete the picnic holiday off of the calendar for the entire group, make a note stating why, make an adjustment offering the time-off as personal time banked, and even mark it as a 2 point bonus occurrence for the groups positive attitude displayed toward the much anticipated event.

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