Adding Mobile to Time & Attendance

Adding Mobile to Time & Attendance
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Supervisors and managers are constantly being pulled in many different directions. While trying to problem-solve for their staff, they’re also expected to get their own work done on time. Vacation requests, attendance errors, and payroll queries are just a few of the many tasks that managers are faced with on a daily basis.

To maximize efficiency, these tasks can all be done with a mobile phone. This way, no matter which direction a manager may be pulled, they have access to live updates of their team. Here are four reasons to incorporate mobile into your time and attendance processes.

Empower you employees

The world is continually being exposed to advancements in technology. As a result, employees expect that their employer will follow suit. In fact, 50% of employees believe that technology in their workplace is completely or moderately outdated. A lack of modern technology can lead to employees becoming disconnected with their work.

A mobile time and attendance software allows employees to punch in and out, submit time-off requests, and view time-off balances. Employees are provided with a calendar view of any upcoming time off, including holidays. By adding a mobile app to your time and attendance solution, employees are given a sense of control over their own time and attendance data.  

Allow employees to access their data

There is a mobile app for just about everything nowadays. People desire immediate information on the go, and mobile apps deliver that. By adding mobile to your time and attendance, you are providing your employees with their information at a glance, increasing workplace efficiency.

With an increase in remote work over the last two years, mobile technology is more important now than ever. The shift to remote work has led many organizations to communicate via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams for day-to-day interactions. Remote employees do not have the luxury of casually stopping by their supervisor’s office anymore, whether it be for small talk, or asking a question (like how many days of vacation they have). Instead, employees can check their phones and view their balance of vacation days and other time off. 

Provide greater workforce analytics

Mobile time and attendance applications improve the quality of your time and attendance tracking by allowing employees to submit real-time data. Companies can now use geofencing technology to limit where employees are allowed to punch in and out. Supervisors can set an invisible fence around their workplace so that employees can only punch in from within the fence.

Taking geofencing a step further, employers can now use auto-punch features to automatically clock employees in as they arrive on site. As long as your employees have the mobile app downloaded on their phones, they can be punched in with no additional action required.   

Improve payroll processing

Manual time and attendance procedures can often lead to less accurate payroll information. Whether it be on the employee side, or on the payroll side, manual processing is prone to human error. By upgrading to an automated time and attendance solution, you can eliminate costly payroll errors, like buddy punching, lost time cards, and incorrect data entries.

Employees are more productive when they are equipped with mobile technology for work tasks. According to Dell, 60% of employees use a smartphone for work purposes while 31% desire one. By incorporating mobile technology into the workplace, you are giving your employees technology that they are familiar with. Instead of employees having to keep up with paper time cards, mobile time and attendance apps provide a solution that employees will always have with them. I mean it only makes sense to use your phone for time and attendance. Get to work? Punch the button. Ready to start and track a new task? Punch the button. Want to let supervisors know that you’ve got an appointment next week? Tell them through the app. Wondering if your work partner has left for lunch yet? Check the in/out board. If all of that wasn’t easy enough, set up auto punch and you don’t even have to punch the button because the app will do it for you. Why waste time using a time clock or a software application when it’s all right there in your pock


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